Like Pippi Longstockings, we have embarked on countless adventures. We have used knapsacks and boxes, traveled in bookmobiles, boats, and fiber optic, always in the quest of defending children’s right to have books.


Pioneering Spirit in Shanty Towns and Cyberspace

In a true pioneering spirit, with ingenuity and a sheer determination, the Banco del Libro has constantly sought new ways of disseminating books and promoting reading among children in Venezuela. Enthusiasm, professionalism, closeness to the children and a refreshing lack of bureaucracy are the hallmarks of the Banco del Libro’s work, whether in shanty towns, mountain villages, universities or out in cyberspace.
The citation of the jury

Non-profit institution headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela. Founded in 1960.

Banco del Libro was set up as a centre for the exchange of textbooks – hence the name, which means Book Bank. Since then, with great creativity and flexibility, Banco del Libro has grown and branched out to promote reading in Venezuela, in every conceivable arena and genre of children’s literature.

For almost half a century, the Banco del Libro, through its many and various projects, has passed on books and stimulated an appetite for reading and writing among countless numbers of children and young people. They have also constructed model libraries, started up school library networks, founded a publishing company specialising in children’s literature and published magazines and other publications. Banco del Libro runs Latin America’s biggest documentation centre for children’s literature and functions as a nursery for young researchers, authors, illustrators and others. The Institution has made a lasting impact on the world of children’s literature in Venezuela, and its work has inspired many successors in Latin America and other parts of the world.

Banco del Libro has received the following awards: IBBY’s ASAHI Reading Promotion Award 1988 and IFLA’s Cuust van Wesemael Award 2003.