How to nominate

Please find nomination regulations and nomination form here. The nomination may be submitted by post or online.

"I'm going to draw a picture on my blackboard" said Kenny, one morning, "and call it A Dream".



In March/April every year, the name of a new laureate is announced. The process of selecting the person(s) or organisation(s) starts approx.15 months earlier:

January – approved nominating organisations are invited to nominate candidates for the following year. The invitation includes information on the number of candidates each nominator can suggest and in what categories etc. 

May 15 – deadline to nominate. The award office must receive all information on the nominated candidate(s) before May 15. Late or incomplete nominations will not be accepted.

October – the list of nominated candidates is presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The list is also published on our web site with additional information.

March/april – announcement of the new laureate at a press conference immediately after the last jury meting. The press conference is broadcast live to Bologna Book Fair and can be followed on our web site.

May - award week in Stockholm with seminars and presentations with the laureate. The week ends with the award ceremony.

Organisations wanting to become a nominating body can apply to the award office before December 1, and the jury decides upon the list of nominating bodies in December. If accepted, the organisation then is eligible to submit nominations for the following year, after the opening of the nomination process in January.