"Sleep lots so that you can enjoy it all!"

Author Jacqueline Woodson shares three of her top tips for the incoming laureate.

1. Make a plan with what you will do with the money (even if it changes!)

Even though they’re not supposed to, People WILL ask! I chose to start an Artist Retreat for Artists of Color. Baldwin For The Arts in Brewster, NY - named for James Baldwin will host its first artists in 2020. I bought this land with the money from the ALMA, and as a result, ALMA is going to change the face of arts in the US and worldwide.

2. Get lots of rest before going to Sweden.
It’s a fabulous whirlwind of activity filled with interesting and lovely people, eager and thoughtful journalists and brilliant diverse young people. Sleep lots so that you can enjoy it all!

3. Read up on Astrid Lindgren
She was more prolific than I ever knew and I had a lot of catching up to do.

And congratulations! Your talent, work and perseverance  brought you to this moment and I can’t wait to see it!