Jury member Elina Druker. Photo:Stefan Tell

Best book tips for corona times

Rabbits longing for fellowship, a hopeful tale about magic magic bread and, for those who dare, a satirical dystopia. ALMA jury member Elina Druker gives her best book tips for corona times.

Tip 1 
Anna Höglund, Things you only talk about with rabbits, 2013 (currently not translates into English)

 "Things you only talk about with rabbits" is a gripping story that depicts feelings of isolation and being different but longing for a community at the same time. Höglund uses collage techniques, photography and painting, and her lyrical text has an impressive assuredness of tone alongside her precise illustrations. This is a fantastic story that defies categories and can be enjoyed by both young people and adults."

Tip 2
Heena Baeks, Cloud Bread (2011)

"What happens when you eat bread made for clouds? Baek Heena, a Korean illustrated-book artist, is this year's ALMA Laureate and her celebrated, breakthrough work Cloud Bread is a hopeful tale about a family that eats heavenly bread made of clouds which gives them the ability to fly. Cloud Bread playfully tells a story about miracles happening in the dreary day-to-day that grow out of caring of each other, but the book also explores new, experimental storytelling techniques where photography is a central expressive means."

Tip 3
M.T. Anderson, Feed (2004)

"Young adult's literature can sometimes, with frightening accuracy, reveal the structures of the adult world and society, their limitations and vulnerabilities. M.T. Andersson's cult novel 'Feed' does just that. Satire is used rhetorically to depict a sick and distorted world through the eyes of the teenage protagonists. It provokes thoughts on freedom, control, and the individual’s place in society, and much of its vision is frighteningly close to reality. If you dare to read a dystopian novel these days, read Feed!"

The book tips were originally published on Stockholm University's website for the Department of Culture and Aesthetics.

About Elina Druker
Professor of Literature specialising in children’s and young adult's literature. She’s particularly interested in its relationship with different media. Member of the ALMA jury since 2011.

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