Bart Moeyaert vid ett skolbesök. Foto: Stefan Tell

Take care, take note, take a bath

"Du är en ALMA-pristagare nu - och för alltid. Grattis." Den belgiske författaren Bart Moeyaert tog emot litteraturpriset förra året. Här är hans tre bästa råd till 2020 års pristagare.

Take care
People tend to compare the time after winning the ALMA with a rollercoaster. However, for me the comparison wasn’t completely accurate. I opened up my arms to experience it all. I think the hustle and bustle was an entire amusement park at once. Luckily I took care of myself: I reserved some weeks here and there during the year, to be far from the world and just write — to keep sane.

Take note
The good thing about giving interviews as a laureate is that you hear yourself saying aloud what you’re thinking. I thought I knew myself already. I thought I knew my ideas about different matters concerning children’s literature and reading promotion, but in the past year I was amazed to discover a new flaring fire and new ideas while talking.

Take a bath
The world is very much about the newest and the latest and the next thing. It will not happen again soon that your work will be looked at as ‘a body of work’, with eye for your evolution, your themes and style, your approach. Read the report of the jury very closely and take a bath in everything you will experience. Take a bath in the work and life of Astrid Lindgren and reflect about who you are and what you do and why. And then continue.

You are an ALMA laureate now — and forever. Congratulations.

/Bart Moeyaert