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Nominating bodies

All countries are invited to nominate

The nominating bodies must have extensive and in-depth knowledge of children’s and young adult literature. All countries are invited to nominate in order to promote their literature for young readers and to stimulate reading promotion. The jury and previous laureates also have the right to suggest candidates. No groups or individuals may apply or nominate themselves.

The jury calls for nominations

The jury has selected organisations and institutions with good knowledge of authors, illustrators, storytellers and activities that encourage reading in their countries or regions. Nominating bodies can be international, national or regional organisations such as research institutes connected to children’s literature and projects to encourage reading, children’s book institutes, author and illustrator organisations, children’s departments and literary centres at national libraries. Ministries for culture or their equivalents are invited to make nominations in areas where reading promoting organisations do not exist.

Nominating bodies for the 2021 award