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Ett rum med olika kreativa saker utspridda. På väggen står det Histroieberättarna

ALMA collaborates with Historieberättarna

The film and storytelling project Jag har tips på en bok (“I know a great book”) will engage young readers in interpreting books by ALMA laureates. As a joint venture between ALMA and the storytelling organization Historieberättarna, we wish to encourage a love of reading and to inspire children and teens to express their own dreams, ideas, thoughts and opinions through storytelling.

The Swedish organisation Historieberättarna works to help more young people get involved in the cultural life of society and make their voices heard on their own terms. Since 2015, the group has carried out a series of storytelling projects, chiefly for children and teens, who express themselves through animation, text, poetry, film, music and art.

This December, Historieberättarna will arrange workshops for children and teens, with young people taking introductory Swedish classes in Stockholm County as a prioritized target group. Participants will read or listen to books by ALMA laureates such as Jacqueline Woodson, Shaun Tan, Isol and Lygia Bojunga. The meetings will take various forms and will observe Covid-19 safety precautions: for example, an outdoor reading-out-loud session followed by creative digital workshops.

“Story is at the heart of our work with children and teens. Historieberättarna shares ALMA’s vision of reading as an essential part of life. We feel honored and inspired by the prospect of using books by ALMA laureates to expand reading opportunities for children,” says Historieberättarna director Anusha Andersson.

“ALMA wants to find ways to encourage young people to read and also get them excited about expressing their own ideas. This joint project with Historieberättarna raises visibility for the work of our laureates and encourages young people’s own creativity at the same time. Together, we are looking forward to reaching new readers and giving them a glimpse into literature and visual storytelling from different areas of the world,” says ALMA director Suzi Ersahin.

One form of project documentation will be a series of animated short films to be shown on the ALMA and Historieberättarna websites early next year.