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A conversation with Jacqueline Woodson

"Black Lives Matter is a global revolution." says 2018 ALMA laureate Jacqueline Woodson in this conversation, presented from the digital Gothenburg Book Fair.

Jacqueline Woodson’s latest novel Red at the Bone follows the journey of a middle-class family from the American South in the 1920s to today’s New York. 16-year-old Melody’s existence has brought together two black families of different classes. The fact that her mother’s teen pregnancy was a catastrophe has been put behind them. The family’s tales are woven together to a story about class and dignity, education and power, parenthood and the relationship between mother and daughter. Jacqueline Woodson is active in the Black Lives Matter movement and has published some 30 books, from novels to poetry and children’s books. Racism is a recurring theme in her authorship. Host: Nina Svanberg, journalist.

The conversation was arranged by Natur & Kultur and was in cooperation with Consulate General of Sweden, New York City and Expressen.

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