Wolf Erlbruch. Photo: Stefan Tell.

Watch Erlbruch's award lecture

Watch the broadcast of the award lecture from Wolf Erlbruch! He shows his earliest drawings from his childhood and also calendar pictures, book illustrations, commercials and artifacts of wood.
Illustrator Marcus-Gunnar Pettersson and typographer Maja K Zetterberg

"I have a process that sometimes makes my work harder..."

How is it to make the ALMA diploma? Meet the illustrator Marcus-Gunnar Pettersson, creator of the diploma for Wolf Erlbruch, the 2017 ALMA laureate.

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Pictures of the laureate and award ceremony

Looking for pictures to report on the 2017 laureate? Pictures of Wolf Erlbruch, the award ceremony or other activities connected to his visit in Sweden are free to download in our press room at Mynewsdesk.

Highlights from the award ceremony

See the highlights from the award ceremony! Wolf Erlbruch recieved the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA) at the Stockholm Concert Hall on May 29 2017. Crown Princess Victoria presented the award.

Follow the award ceremony live!

Join us when Wolf Erlbruch recieves the 2017 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA) in a ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall on May 29. The award ceremony is broadcasted live here at alma.se and on our Facebook-page.

Wolf Erlbruch to Sweden

The German illustrator and picturebook author Wolf Erlbruch is coming to Sweden to receive the 2017 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA) and to give a public lecture.

Nominate for the 2018 award

Final call! Today is the last chance to nominate for the 2018 Award. All countries are welcome to nominate their children’s and YA literature and reading promoting activities.

"I’m still in a shock and will be for some time."

Read Wolf Erlbruch's first comment after being notified of him being this year's ALMA laureate.

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