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Bart Moeyaert

Born in Belgium in 1964, Bart Moeyaert is a multi-award winning author who has written for children and young people since his debut at age 19. His large and diverse body of work encompasses over fifty titles, ranging from picture books and YA works to poetry, plays, song lyrics, television screenplays and essays.

Quick facts

Name Bart Moeyaert
Birthyear 1964
Country Belgium
Profession Author
Award year 2019

The jury’s motivation

"Bart Moeyaert’s condensed and musical language vibrates with suppressed emotions and unspoken desires. He portrays relationships at crisis point with a cinematic immediacy, even as his complex narratives suggest new ways forward. Bart Moeyaert’s luminous work underscores the fact that books for children and young people have a self-evident place in world literature."