ALMA laureate Eva Lindström at work. Sitting at her desk in a light room. Photo: Susanne Kronholm

Portrays moods and emotions

Eva Lindström is a Swedish picture book artist. She has published some 35 solo titles and has illustrated many books by other authors. Her work has been honored with multiple awards. She writes stories that shift between the everyday and the existential, combining shrewd humour with absurd mystery.

Quick facts

Name Eva Lindström
Birthyear 1952
Country Sweden
Profession Picture book artist
Award year 2022

The jury’s motivation

"Eva Lindström’s enigmatic picture world is constantly transforming. Trees move abroad, dogs take on giant proportions and objects vanish, suddenly to reappear. With rapid brush strokes and dense colouration, Eva Lindström creates an ambiguous dialogue of text and image. The border between children, adults and animals is fluid. With great gravity and wild humour, they wrestle with the eternal questions: Who are we? Where are we going? Who took our hats?"

It’s important for everyone – not just adults – to be able to access worlds we might never encounter any other way, to be exposed to ideas that make life seem bigger, ideas that stimulate our imaginations.

- Eva Lindström

Eva Lindström in conversation with journalist Yukiko Duke. Filmed at Södra Teatern in Stockholm, Tuesday 24 May, 2022.