Woman reading for a young child Photo: Wayne Quilliam

Highlights the value of all people’s own languages and stories

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) encourages reading and promotes literacy by securing access to good literature for First Nations children of Australia. The organisation works in 427 First Nations Communities all over the Australian continent. ILF emphasizes the importance of First Nations children finding themselves, their culture and their languages reflected in the books they read.

Quick facts

Name Indigenous Literacy Foundation
Founded 2011
Country Australia
Profession Organisation
Award year 2024

The jury’s motivation

"With curiosity and respect, Indigenous Literacy Foundation works with reading and storytelling among First Nations children in Australia. In close collaboration with Communities, they highlight the value of all people’s own languages and stories. By spreading books and stimulating reading, storytelling and creativity, Indigenous Literacy Foundation builds the desire to read and fosters pride, self-confidence and a sense of belonging. Every child has the right to their language and their stories."

Photos from ILF's projects

Woman reading for a young child

ILF’s Book Supply program helps bring new and culturally relevant books to First Nations peoples across mainland Australia and the Torres Strait Islands.

Photo: Indigenous Literacy Foundation
Four happy children

To get children under five engaged in reading and help them develop skills that are critical for literacy, ILF started the Book Buzz program.

Photo: Indigenous Literacy Foundation
Woman reading for a young child

In the Community Publishing program, ILF works with Communities all over Australia to support the publication of children’s books created by the Community.

Photo: Indigenous Literacy Foundation
Two children with t-shirts that says "Reading opens doors"

Through the Reading Opens Doors Library project, ILF also helps educate Australia’s majority society about First Nations peoples.

Photo: Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Our Communities and families are strong. They are the backbone of our culture and our first educators.

- Ben Bowen, CEO Indigenous Literacy Foundation