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Illustratören Isol

From the eye level of the child

Marisol Misenta, widely known as Isol, is an Argentinian picture book artist, cartoonist, graphic artist, author, singer and composer. She debuted in 1997 and has been published in around twenty countries. Her style is expressive and at times explosive, using a sophisticated technique of double outlines and deliberate print misregistration where the lines and colours are not completely aligned.

Quick facts

Name Isol
Birthyear 1972
Country Argentina
Profession Illustrator
Award year 2013

The jury’s motivation

"Isol creates picture books from the eye level of the child. Her pictures vibrate with energy and explosive emotions. With a restrained palette and ever-innovative pictorial solutions, she shifts ingrained perspectives and pushes the boundaries of the picturebook medium. Taking children’s clear view of the world as her starting point, she addresses their questions with forceful artistic expression and offers open answers. With liberating humour and levity, she also deals with the darker aspects of existence."