Författaren Meg Rosoff Photo: Stefan Tell

Leaves no reader unmoved

Meg Rosoff is an American author based in London. She debuted in 2004 with the dystopic young adult novel How I Live Now which became an instant success. Since then she has written several novels centered around unforgettable characters living in thorny borderlands between childhood and adult life.

Quick facts

Name Meg Rosoff
Birthyear 1956
Country United States/UK
Profession Author
Award year 2016

The jury’s motivation

"Meg Rosoff's young adult novels speak to the emotions as well as the intellect. In sparkling prose, she writes about the search for meaning and identity in a peculiar and bizarre world. Her brave and humorous stories are one-of-a-kind. She leaves no reader unmoved."

Although I'm 59 years old I am still an adolescent in my heart. And I think we all are.

- Meg Rosoff 2016