Johan Palmberg

Porträtt Johan Palmberg
Photo: Elliot Elliot


Born: 1990
Currently lives in: Stockholm
Jury member since: 2014

Johan Palmgren has worked since 2009 as the rights manager for the family-owned business Astrid Lindgren Company, handling film, music and stage questions as well as the foreign rights sales for Astrid Lindgren’s books. He holds a degree in political science from Uppsala University.

Astrid Lindgren was your great-grandmother on your father’s side. Do you have any special memories of her?

"She was getting on in years when I came on the scene, so I don’t have too many memories of games and tree-climbing and such. That kind of thing I mostly heard about from my father. But I do remember that she loved to tell family stories, often with my grandmother eagerly filling in the details. She didn’t mind if the stories were a bit scary or sad. Also, every year we went to her apartment on Dalagatan for Boxing Day dinner. It all had a quite elegant and important air, yet we were given perfect freedom to play however we wanted, and I still remember how exciting that felt. She also had the world’s best library, and it was fascinating to look through her shelves."