Mårten Sandén

Porträtt Mårten Sandén
Photo: Elliot Elliot


Born: 1962
Currently lives in: Stockholm
Jury member since: 2018

Mårtin Sandén is a writer and songwriter. He writes children’s and young adult books and is known as the creator of the Petrini Detectives series, which launched in 1999 and now numbers 17 titles. He is a member of the Swedish Crime Writer’s Academy (Deckarakademin) and the Swedish Academy for Children’s Books (Svenska barnboksakademin). He has also written music for such major Swedish artists as Darin, Magnus Carlsson and Charlotte Perrelli.

When and where do you most like to read?

"Preferably for a few hours at night before I fall asleep, but in reality, I read all the time, everywhere. I try to always keep a book in my pocket or on my phone."

What’s your top tip for getting children excited about reading?

"Show them that you, yourself, enjoy reading, especially if you’re a father. Also, read out loud to them every night, from the time they’re small."