Baek Heenas tacktal

Här visar vi ett utdrag ut Baek Heenas tal på prisutdelningen den 31 maj 2021. Nedanför finns hela talet som text.

Jag tror att bilderböcker för barn kan vara nyckeln som öppnar dörren till en lycklig barndom. Priset övertygade mig om att fortsätta göra det jag tror på och satsa på det fullt ut.

This is a truly magic. I got this prize from the princess virtually. So magical.

I am very happy that I didn’t give up.

When I was little, I lived in my imagination world and liked to draw and played with dolls by myself all day long. And I still do the same thing. The only difference is I can end up with picture books after all playing.

I do enjoy working, but sometimes I feel lonely and totally isolated from the world out there. Then I start to imagine the readers, especially three to five years old readers.

Maybe they cannot read the text yet, maybe they cannot easily concentrate on reading.
I do my best to entertain them as the actors do on the stage trying to please the audience. This is how I am connected with outside of the world.We easily suppose that the process of raising children is full of happiness.

And childhood is supposed to be the most beautiful and peaceful period of our lives. But this fairy tale is not always applied to every life. We have so many troubles that could harm our children. We feel guilty when we cannot make a perfect environment for them. I believe that children’s picture books can be the key to the door to a happy childhood.

I believe that children’s picture books can be the key to the door to a happy childhood.

Maybe a single mum, dad, grandfather, or any caregiver cannot spend the whole day with their children. But for just a few minutes they read together, caregivers and children can have the same adventure, spending the most nutritious time.

Those moments can fulfill lack of our lives. Those moments give us happy moments, happy childhood memories and make it possible to dream for a bright future. Those moments are the real magical moments.

And that makes me feel the honor to be a children’s book creator. If I could succeed in giving those moments to somebody, I think it would be the most honorable prize for the picture book author even though it would be done secretly.

This award convinced me to stick to what I believe and go for it.And I would like to give special thanks to my loving family who makes me laugh.

And special thanks to my partner Bear Books who has believed in me.

Thank you.